How to Hyst - Advanced

The innovative technologies in hysteroscopy have revolutionized both the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine disorders, ensuring excellent clinical results. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the new hysteroscopic techniques is of pivotal importance to keep gynaecologists updated. The hysteroscopy course “HOW TO HYST ADVANCED” is an intensive hysteroscopy course with practical training in the most relevant hysteroscopic procedures and advanced technologies. Intensive training will be given-on diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, myomectomy, polypectomy and endometrial resection. The objectives are to acquire enhanced practical skills, out-patient surgery and psycomotor skills through the GESEA tests,

Participants will perform tested and certied practical exercises and will be trained in the use of hysteroscopic techniques, according to the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery’s format. The limited number of 2 participants per training station and  constant expert supervision by certied tutors ensures the quality of the learning, enhancing the nal results. The assessment of the hysteroscopic skills learned during the course will be tested by validated timed tests.


The European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery, in collaboration with the European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE), has elaborated a diploma program open to those who have a surgical background. The GESEA (Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment) program is carried-out according to the most innovative evidence-based medicine. Our REC Center of the University of Torino, has been accredited by the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery for the GESEA Programme.


Prof. Chiara Benedetto
Project Leader
Prof. Armando Romeo
Scientific Director
Dr. Stefano Cosma
Faculty Guests
Prof. Stefano Bettocchi
Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio

Faculty: Dr. Eleonora Bianquin, Dr. Emilie Canuto, Dr. Luciano Chiarolini, Dr. Giuseppe Garbagni, Dr. Maurizio Giarola, Dr. Paolo Petruzzelli, Dr. Francesca Salvagno, Dr. Annalisa Tancredi

Tutors: Dr. Federica Bevilacqua, Dr. Marialuisa Bovetti, Dr. Francesca Chiado’, Dr. Isabella Cipullo, Dr. Luisa Cravero, Dr. Pierpaolo Lasorsa, Dr. Martina Mazzoli, Dr. Noemi Mercaldo, Dr. Giorgia Pasquero, Dr. Roberta Rossa

Scientific Program How to Yist - Advanced